My research blog first quote post:

“A common view is that we are in a period where global warming is at its most severe.”

Author Unknown

There are over 100 different ‘possible’ solutions to the problem and there is some disagreement about the one that fits best for your particular case. While one solution may be the optimal one for your system, they can all be different. What makes choosing one solution so difficult, is the fact that in some cases, it may completely ‘out of the box’ replace your problem. This is true, and I was never able to answer as well as I should do because my research and testing has been skewed by my own preference.  However, if you know something about the problem you need to solve, then you’ll come to the realization that not all solutions are created equal.  This post tries to give you some guidelines as to whether you should go with one solution over another, and if so, which one should you choose? We’ll cover three possible paths to choosing one solution in the following post. First, we’ll look at the three options in the following section, then we’ll examine the pros and cons. What is your solution?

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