Is it possible not to get crazy working like this?

* Added an option to enable or disable animated GIF rendering, via an environment variable (see below).

Version 0.0.22 – 2019-08-28

* Fixed bug causing random crashes while playing videos.

Version 0.0.21 – 2019-07-31

* Fixed multiple crash issues with the player/editor and player.

* Fixed multiple crashes while playing videos in a large window, which could occur when dragging an MP4 file into the player.

* Fixed crash when converting .SRT files from a folder to a playlist with an .SRT file. This was due to the .SRT parser being able to handle non-ASCII characters.

Version 0.0.20 – 2019-06-21

* Added support for “Playlist Playlist” buttons in the Player. This will set the player so that new videos can be added and played by clicking the playlist button.

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