Efficient animation production pipeline.

The result is a very rich and well-written framework capable of delivering fast animation with high quality. The project is also a nice starting point for an in-depth dive into advanced video effects. The library is maintained in a GitHub organization and a Git repository is available that contains all the source code. The documentation […]

I always have wanted to write my own personal blog about technology. In fact, my name is Reinis, and I’ve spent the last few years trying to make an “animated movies”, in order to be as interesting and as opinionated as possible. There are so many things I want to do with technology, but because I have such a broad scope of interests, it’s a challenge to narrow my priorities down.

Animation pipeline using virtual reality, computer vision, image synthesis and style transfer tools.

 This experience uses virtual reality (VR), image synthesis (IMAG), and style transfer tools to build images and objects for a video game of the same name. What happens when a person goes to a virtual reality (VR) bar, where they see the video game? The person walks into a virtual world and learns. This experience […]